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Professional Video and Photography

For me this is what it’s all about; Photographing and / or Videoing your wedding in a relaxed and unobtrusive fashion.  Capturing and creating beautiful images whilst you enjoy your day as it naturally unfolds.
I do

  • capture your wedding with all the fun, romance and real moments
  • take group photographs (but suggest you try and keep these to a minimum)
  • love pictures in natural settings
  • take reportage, not posed video shots
  • create a photographic narrative of your day
  • use all HD cameras to shoot video
  • use the most amazing wedding albums available
  • produce quality DVD and HD Blu-Ray disc in beautiful box cases
  • involve you in the design of your wedding album
  • photograph and video weddings throughout the UK & Ireland
I don’t
  • believe in cheesy poses
  • do anything to embarrass you or your guests
  • get in the way of you enjoying your day as it naturally unfolds
  • ‘clock watch’
  • boss anyone around during group photographs
  • do ‘that picture’ of the groomsmen picking up the bride
  • do any embarrassing video shots of anyone
  • keep in mic audio which is embarrassing

At Jimkells we use two Top Quality Album Manufactures

Folio Albums and Mario Acerboni

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Wedding Videos


Commercial ‘Promo’ Productions.

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